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The great mime-artist Milan Sladek is celebrating a very personal jubilee – his 70. birthday on February 23rd, 2008.

On this occasion many different performances will take place in Cologne, the city, where he founded the legendary “Theater Kefka” in the year 1974, where he managed for 12 years the “Gauklerfestival”, which was celebrated on his initiative where he found his second hometown after Bratislava, his place of birth.

The Milan Sladek Festival will climax in a new production of artistic mime-work by Milan Sladek – solo-pantomime, a so to speak “Milan Sladek pure”-production, a “comédie humaine”, assembled in just one person.

Milan Sladek is an universal artist, who again and again discovers himself in new ways, a master of classic mime-art in a modern and surprising manner, combining mime with other forms of art.

The season of the Milan Sladek Festival 2007/2008 started on September 14th, 2007 with newly produced “Le nozze di Figaro” – a masterpiece of the mime-theatre with puppets handled in front of one’s eyes.

Promising to become unique events are the performences in Cologne’s museums :
mime-dialogues in connection with the exhibition-programs at times.
The extraordinary opening will be the production “Jupiter and the others – mime-dances at Roman mythologic times”. It will happen on a very special floor: the unique Mosaic of Dionysos in the Römisch-Germanischen Museum. 

Ticket-ordering for all performances :
KölnTicket Hotline: +49 221/2801,
and at all known booking offices.